Klitch Footwear Clip

KlitchThe Klitch Footwear Clip lets you hang extra sneakers or cleats on the outside of your bag. This keeps the inside of your bag from getting dirty and/or smelly and leaves you extra room in your bag for other things. Great for anyone that plays sports, exercises or needs to have another pair of shoes handy for any reason. The Klitch can be used for any type of footwear (and many other items) weighing up to 10lbs.

The Klitch Advantage:

  • Great for travel
  • Hands-free device
  • Never spend time looking for a lost shoe
  • Saves space in your backpack or gym bag
  • Allows footwear to air out between use
  • Helps protect against athlete’s foot
  • Helps increase the lifespan of expensive sports shoes or pricey heels
  • Helps prevent smelly and dirty gym bags
  • Enables a quick shoe change before and after workouts
  • Great for organising and storing footwear at home or on the road

The Klitch Footwear Clip Hangs Sports Shoes On Any Bag (Black)


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